Saturday, 10 November 2012

'Floating address': living on a boat in London

Walking along London Regents Canal you can see some iconic ‘floating address’.
There are thought to be around 15,000 people living aboard canal boats in the UK. They are found throughout the canals, rivers and coasts; in cities, in the country and in harbours.  Some cruise continuously, some are permanently moored and the others mix cruising and mooring to suit themselves.
Some live in narrow boats, some in sea-going craft, some in houseboats. 

Even the Virgin group millionaire Richard Branson has lived in this amazing boat in Little Venice for many years when he had just begun his Virgin business. 
Many people are finding living on water is the perfect solution to owning their own home in an area that would usually be priced above their budget.
It seems the old idea of a retired couple slowly cruising their way around the UK's waterways isn't always accurate anymore because many professional people now own these boats.
But what is it really like living on a boat?
Boutique London Lets gives you a sneak peek with this video.

Despite living on water is not a lifestyle that would suit everyone, you can try this experience and buy a ticket for a trip on traditional canal narrow boats along the historic Regents Canal for the moment!

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