Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The London Movie Locations & TV Tour

The London Movie Locations & TV Tour is a fun and unique way to see the British capital.

Even if you’re not a movie fan don’t worry as the tour is fun for people of all ages. You will get to see many of London's iconic and historic landmarks such as St Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.
There will also be plenty of stops for you to get off the bus, take pictures and see the London movie locations up close.
Films examples: Da Vinci Code, Bridget Jones’s Diary, V for Vendetta, Atonement, Love Actually, About a Boy, 28 Days Later, Bourne Ultimatum, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Dark Knight, Doctor Who, James Bond and much much more.
There are diverse range of walking and bus tours from which you can see where Bridget Jones lives in both films, catch a glimpse of Cruela de Vil’s office in 101 Dalmatians and go past Will's (Hugh Grant) apartment from About a Boy.
There is also the Harry Potter Walking Tour of London which include a 15 minute boat ride along the River Thames.

All tours operated by Brit Movie Tours are available as private tours and can be customised to meet your budget, group size and tastes.

You can see the list of all tours here and book the one that you prefer! 

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