Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The 2012 London Restaurant Festival

Here at Boutique London Lets we love eating out and we are very curious about what's on the plate this year at the 2012 London Restaurant Festival.

What is it:
The 2012 London Restaurant Festival is designed to raise the profile of establishments involved and acknowledge the pleasure and sustenance given to all by London’s extraordinarily diverse range of restaurants.
The festival will comprise of two main elements: Events and Festival Menus and unlike other Festivals, the London Restaurant Festival is not a singular, one-location event for which a single ticket can be purchased. It is an umbrella festival under which a host of activity and individual events take place.

All over London

The 2012 London Restaurant Festival takes place from 1-15  October. 

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What's on:

- Saturday 6 October Tapas Tour

Sunday 7 October Kitchen Influentials

Monday 8 October  The Big Debate at The Tabernacle

Tuesday 9 October Eat Film III & IV 

Wednesday 10 October Eat Film 

Thursday 11 October Eat Film III & IV

Saturday 13 October Street ThEATre 

Buon Appetito!

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