Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Top 5 London's Underground Restaurants

What about eating out to a stranger's house where they cook dinner for you?
If you like this idea you are ready to uncover the Underground restaurants. 

A similar concept is the “pop-up restaurant” – often open just for a temporary or short-term event, perhaps held at an art space or warehouse or exhibition hall, though sometimes in a private home; or a visiting chef (or local chef without his or her own restaurant) taking over the kitchen and dining room of another existing restaurant on their closed night(s).
In the Underground restaurants you will find people who cook and offer dinners in their homes, galleries, offices, or other private spaces and the people who like to dine with them.They are, in effect, paying dinner parties and they are popular in Latin America, where they're known as either a paladar or a restaurante de puertas cerradas (closed door restaurant).
I have selected the Top 5 London's Underground Restaurants:
                  1. TheMarmiteLover
A passionate believer in the punk philosophy of DIY but applied to food, she has also innovated The Underground Farmer's Market, to encourage small producers, urban cheesemakers, smokers, bakers, chutney makers, sausage makers, allotmenteers, to create food businesses and sell their wares. 

                  2. Leluu
Good Vietnamese cook, writer and photographer.

                  3. Pale Blue Door by Tony Hornecker          

The Pale Blue Door is a pop-up restaurant cum dining experience, run by artist Tony Hornecker.
                  4. White Room Supper Club
It is hosted in a stylish apartment overlooking London. The idea is to give people the chance to enjoy good food and meet new people in a relaxed homely atmosphere.

                  5.James Ramsden

He is a London-based Yorkshireman. He runs the Secret Larder supper club and has written about food and cookery for The Times, The Guardian, Sainsbury's Magazine, and, among others. 

Let us know which one do you prefer and... Buon appetito!

For a full list of UK supperclubs locations, check out the Suppur Club Fan Page

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