Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Mod Culture

Just after one week the big MOD reunion in Brighton (Brighton Mod Weekender 2012) and the huge victories of Bradley Wiggins at the Tour the France and at the Olympics, we can stated that The Mods are back, but who are they? 

Bradley Wiggins X Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2012

The Mod movement in the British 1960s was a cultural phase, one that saw young English urbanites dressing meticulously, gobbling amphetamines and peacocking about on those stylish scooters.

Some of the millions of the viewers who watched the Who close the London Olympic Games would have noticed a parade of mirror-bedecked Italian motor scooters. Back in the day, that is how the Mods rolled. 

The Who’s bombastic medley was part a band revival that includes the comeback of Quadrophenia and, with it, the little known cultural phase of British Modism.
Quadrophenia was an ambitious double album that the Who and its conceptualist Pete Townshend released in 1973. The double LP inspired a feature dramatic film from 1979, which later this month gets its Blu-ray/DVD re-release. The movie and album revolve around the character Jimmy, who is an angst-ridden youth and a Mod. What it is left of the Who – Townshend, singer Roger Daltrey and a troupe of hired hands – tours Quadrophenia in late 2012 and early 2013, performing the rock opera in its entirety across North America.

The Who’s generation, then, was the Mod generation.

They wore their jackets cut slim and checked, maybe a touch of seersucker and an open neck. They rode Vespa GS scooters with their hair cut neat. They were British Mods.
If you want to see the real Mod culture all you have to do is to walk around the street of London!
Where to find the right clothes:
Sherry's is a unique shop just three minutes walk from Carnaby street 

So what do you think? Are you in a MOD mood?

Photo of Brighton Mod Weekender thanks to Greg Wish

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