Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Advantages of Corporate Accommodations

Business-related travel has become more and more common over the last decade, thanks in part to globalisation. It’s possible for companies to have international partners, suppliers, stakeholders, and consumers--and for managers to need to fly to another part of the world to discuss a potential business venture or check on a project. 

In the past, the typical accommodations provided to corporate personnel are hotels. This is a good option if you only plan to stay for a couple of days, but it’s not unheard-of for a business trip to last for weeks, or even months. For longer stays, a hotel room is not cost-effective solution and the hotel environment does not provide the homey feel that you would crave for if you’ve been far away from your family for such a long time. The better option is to book corporate accommodations like apartments to let. 

Here are the advantages of booking corporate accommodations:

It’s more cost-effective

Every company needs to protect its costs. Since business trips can become expensive--airfare, daily food allowances, and miscellaneous fees like entertaining expenses all add up--it makes sense to find ways to save without sacrificing comfort. Apartments to let offer long-term rates. The kitchen also allows you to cook your own food, which is another way to stretch limited budgets. 

It’s fully furnished and more comfortable

The standard hotel room is a spartan affair – a bed, table, a telly, and a phone. This sparse atmosphere can only be endured for a few days. As business trips often stretch out into a week or more, travelers start to get a sense of being boxed in. Homesickness sets in, and the austerity of the room only adds to the feeling of being alone in a country, thousands of miles away from home.  

 An apartment to let, on the other hand, helps recreate the sense of being in a home away from home. Rooms are relatively larger, and are beautifully furnished. This gives a sense of space, and the cosy atmosphere provides a sanctuary of comfort after a long day at work, thousands of miles away from family and friends.

Convenient amenities

Business travelers have a lot to do.  That’s why convenient details like a private bath and housekeeping services are such a godsend: they don’t have to worry about lining up for a shower, or cleaning up the room. They can rush to a morning meeting, or immediately relax at the end of the day.  

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