Monday, 18 February 2013

A Survival Guide to Checking if a Hotel is Good Enough For The Boss

In every company, there’s an unwritten rule: the boss must be happy. This applies both to greater corporate objectives like achieving sales targets, to small details like making sure that he gets the most comfortable accommodations during his next business trip. If he hates the accommodations, or has a hard time getting around, or worst of all, can’t get a decent night’s sleep, he’ll chew out the HR personnel or secretary who arranged it: “if you can’t get a simple business trip right, how can I trust you to manage bigger things?” 

However, your boss’ comfort is not the only factor. You have to consider the costs, and the need to spend as efficiently as possible, given the budget.  Is there such a thing as affordable luxury? This survival can help you manage all the aspects of finding accommodations for your boss.

Think beyond hotels

Hotels have a reputation for providing comfort, convenience and luxury. However, their sheer size and cost of maintaining that staff and their facilities require them to charge high rates for a single night’s stay. Larger hotel chains will also jack up the price tag simply because they are well-known. Visitors are not paying for quality, but the name. 

Business apartments, being smaller, can offer similar comforts and amenities at a much better price. People may think that because they are cheaper, they are not as good—but that is simply not true. Establishments like Boutique London Lets follow the hotel standards of beautiful furnishings, friendly service, and convenient locations. Instead of looking at the name of the hotel chain, consider the individual offerings that you will get for what you are paying for. 

Check the location          

First of all, the location must be convenient. Your boss will be meeting clients, checking locations, and dealing with a lot of contracts and papers. His time is gold, and he does not want to waste it stuck in traffic, waiting for a cab, or navigating a complicated commute. Pick a central location that has easy access to public transportation and major city activities. For example, Boutique London Lets has many different locations (Southwark, Vauxhall, South Bank, Dockland.  Kennington, West End. Tower Bridge, Westminster, Waterloo, City of London) so you can find one that’s closest to his place of business transactions. 

Second of all, the location must be safe. This is crucial for tourists who already feel out-of-sorts in an unfamiliar environment--they don’t need the additional anxiety of worrying if there’s a mugger waiting for him in that dark alley! 

Look at the ambience

The first factor is the interiors. The room should be clean and tastefully decorated. The furniture and the layout should show good taste, and ideally should have a relaxing quality that can help your boss unwind after a long day. Boutique London Lets has a predominantly white colour scheme that exudes crisp modern elegance. Large windows let in lots of sun--which can help boost the mood--and little details, like the big bed and huge pillows help promote a restful night’s sleep. 

The next factor is the location. Boutique London Lets is located in tranquil areas of the city, and becomes a sanctuary for a tired traveler at the end of a stressful day.

The third factor is the size of the hotel. Large hotels can feel crowded and clinical—you really feel that you are one among hundreds of guests. Smaller establishments such as Boutique London Lets offer the closest thing to a cosy home that you can get while being in a foreign country.

Check the amenities

 Boutique London Lets apartments have the exact amenities of a hotel suite, but at a fraction of the cost. It has spacious living/dining areas, complete with a balcony, and a dining table for six people. The living area has two sofas, and an entertainment system that includes a TV, a DVD player, and a CD player. This is exactly what one will find in a hotel suite, but at a fraction of the cost.

Boutique London Lets also has something you can’t find in any suite: a working kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped, and includes a hob/oven, a microwave and a kettle. Crockery and cutlery are also provided.  

There is even a washing machine, so that guests do not have to pay exorbitant hotel rates for laundry services.    

Anticipate what he needs everyday

Imagine what your boss may look for in the course of his business day. Chances are, he’ll want to check his email--is the internet access strong?  Boutique London Lets has complimentary high-speed wireless broadband internet, and telephones are available on a cost basis. The rooms are also quite large, so he may choose to hold meetings in the room. He’ll never be afraid that he and the company are paying for his staff member’s personal use of the Internet 

Another detail that people often overlook is the cleaners. He’ll also need to wash his clothes or the dishes. Will it be easy for him to get detergent?  Will he be given a washing machine or does he need to walk a long way down the street to bring his dirty clothes to the Laundromat? Boutique London Lets provides business travelers with towels, bedding, basic toiletries, dishwasher and soaps, and washing machine. 

Guard the cost

After all, your boss would like to protect his budget, and will see if he can cut corners. And your boss will be happy to hear that he gets a lot of values for his money:  Boutique London Lets’ two-bedroom suites are four times larger than a hotel room and cost far lower than a hotel suite.   That means your boss gets full benefits at a very pocket-friendly price. 

Consider the service

Big hotels have a huge staff, but even if they are friendly, your boss will simply be one of many guests. Service apartments give more personalised service. For example, Boutique London Lets has an in house manager whose sole role is to attend to the concerns of business guests. She provides personalised booking assistance, ensuring your corporate bookings and associated requirements.

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