Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gingerline HQ: a secret and unique dining experience

Gingerline HQ is a clandestine and chameleon dining experience for London’s food adventurers, combining delicious food and cocktails with art, theatre, costumes and entertainment under top secret conditions. The location is top secret revealed to guests just 60 minutes before the evening begins.

Gingerline HQ. Photo: Emli Bendixen

Since 2010, the Gingerline dining experience has been popping up at irregular locations along the stretch of the overground railway line - nicknamed the 'ginger line' due to its orange colour on the Tube map - that runs from Highbury to Crystal Palace.
Gingerline HQ has been created and curated by a group of friends, united in their love of theatre, art and food.
Susannah Mountford, co-founder of Gingerline wanted to create her idea of the perfect night out and encourage people to explore parts of London they mightn't go to otherwise. She also wanted to explore how food, art and design co-exist and how they can reinforce each other in different and interesting ways. 

The first Gingerline took place in the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, complete with top hats, a folk singer and a Victorian menu of braised hogget shank and coddled egg. Other venues have included a fancy-dress-shop-turned-Russian-circus in New Cross and an art-gallery-turned-submarine in Shoreditch. 
Gingerline Royale by Emli Bendixen

What to do?
Simply book a ticket, stay near to a station on the East London Line - or Gingerline as they call it - and at 6pm you'll be texted with directions just 60 minutes before aperitifs are served. Guests are kept in the dark as to where or what they will eat until the moment of reveal, only assured they will spend an amazing time. 
Visit if you want to book your evening out. Tickets are £43 - £46 plus booking fee. Over 18s only.
by Sara Laccone

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