Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A guide to the best business meeting rooms in London

London is one of the world economical capitals and many business men come to this city for work from all over the world every day. London offers them every facility for their business, including meetings room to hire or for free.
For this reason Boutique London Lets has put together a guide to the best business meeting rooms in London.
Here's our pick:

It is one of the most famous website to look for a meetings room in London. You only need to choose a date, duration of your meeting and how many people are attending and the website will give you a vast range of conference facilities and locations for your meeting.
All meeting rooms shown in this website are served by a dedicated support team and include: free internet, free flipchart, pads, whiteboard and makers. On Regus you can also find office space to rent for a day or part-time offices with all comforts. 

It gives your first meeting room hire Free! In addition to Flipchart and whiteboard, Projector, Flexible space on a pay as you need hourly or daily rate, Reception staff to greet visitors, High speed Internet access, Free on-site parking, Air conditioned rooms, Water, Pads, Pens, Tea & Coffee and Catering on request.

Canary Wharf

However, if you were looking for a low cost meeting room, this has what you need.
They offer a central London space with no fee. The Pro Bono Centre only ask a charity donation to their organization. The Centre has two inter-connecting meeting rooms, seating up to 10 and 16 respectively, or up to 50 when joined together.

London has all the rights to be one of the most important financial cities in the world. It will not be so difficult to have a meeting with your team or clients here, with all of these choices! 

Otherwise, you could still go to Starbucks or any other good café for an informal meeting!

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by Sara Laccone

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