Wednesday, 25 May 2011

We want to see your London photos

If you got snap happy on your last visit to London, we want to see your masterpieces. Post them on the Boutique London Lets Facebook page with a caption or email them to to be featured on the blog.

Your photos can be of anything - well known London sights, hidden architecture, landmarks at night, parks, grumpy Londoners..

Here's some of my very amateur attempts as inspiration:

Did they really just get married or are they models on a photoshoot? We couldn't decide.

A painter with her easel and palette, painting The Roebuck pub, Southwark - can you spot her?

A Craig Lawrence Selfridges shop window with reflections of Oxford Street's London buses

Tower Bridge in all its glory from the grass outside City Hall
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  1. Very nice photos. London is an amazing city with very rich history. It is really a worth seeing place. The London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben are just a tiny part of the numerous landmarks and attractions in Britain's capital.

  2. Thanks for your comment, we agree - but we also love photos of less famous places. They can be just as full of character and history or show a secret side to London.