Friday, 22 February 2013

Exploring Bloomsbury: one of London’s oldest and exclusive area

Today here at Boutique London Lets it is a very big day as we are thrilled to introduce you our brand new apartments, The Albany Serviced Apartments, magnificent studios and one-bedroom apartments.
The Albany Serviced Apartments

They are located in Bloomsbury, one of London’s oldest and exclusive area, location of the British Museum, the British Library and many more attractions.

Let’s begin our fantastic journey and discover this amazing district.

King's Cross Station
We are in King’s Cross station, a major railway and underground station in London. There are 6 underground lines (the Piccadilly line is the same line which can bring you directly from Heatrow Airport to here in 40 minutes) and also St Pancras International Station for the Eurostar service. Eurostar operate all train services through the Channel Tunnel to Continental Europe. It is also a great example of Victorian architecture and a triumph of nineteenth century architecture inside. 

King's Cross Station is also near many tourist attractions including The British Library and Regent's Park.

Located just 5 minutes from it you will find our Albany Apartments. So, there is no need for a taxi once you will arrive in London! 

Brunswick shopping centre

Right on your doorstep there is the Brunswick shopping centre that allows you to shop, eat and meet in the glorious surroundings of Bloomsbury. It has all you need just next to your accommodation. 

Heading to the British Museum, we passed through Russell Square, a great public place, completely redeveloped last year. 
Russell Square

The spring is coming and the café is perfect to enjoy the atmosphere of surrounding Bloomsbury back into the area's biggest central square. There is also a small ground-level water fountain and a statue attesting to the permanent status of the Russell family. 
Café in Russell Square

We also found this small green huts called cabman's shelter. The Cabmen's Shelter Fund was established in London in 1875 to run shelters for the drivers of cabs. By law, cab drivers could not leave the cab stand while their cab was parked there. This made it very difficult for them to obtain hot meals. Most of these shelter were staffed by an attendant who sold food and (non-alcoholic) drink to the cabbies and were provided with a kitchen in which the attendant could cook this food.Thirteen of the shelters still exist and are still run by the Cabmen's Shelter Fund and the one in Russell square is one of them.
Cabman's shelter in Russell Square

Nearby there is also Torrington Square with its great market where, every Thursday, you can find right in the heart of Bloomsbury, a good selection of farm products and hot food to take away. This fantastic market could represent a valid escape from your office or meeting for an hour. You can pop down and grab some fresh food and fresh air. 

Our journey has finished now and we hope you have enjoyed this virtual trip in Bloomsbury and we look forward to seeing you in London! 

by Sara Laccone

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