Wednesday, 12 September 2012

'The Borderline': the coolest music venue in London

Have you ever been in this cool club ‘The Borderline’?

The Borderline is one of the UK's most prestigious small music venues. The types of bands that play The Borderline are typically described as indie or alternative rock, although the venue does put on artists of other genres. It is an excellent place to enjoy live music hosting live music nights featuring a diverse mix of musical styles, including hip hop, jazz, punk, rock and more.

The entrance

With an interior themed around a Wild West ranch and a layout that means you'll never be out of view of the stage, it is perfectly suited to everything from acoustic folk to rock and even packed-out indie-electro club nights.

This is also where Oasis filmed their video for 'Cigarettes and Alcohol', and the lists of names adorning the stairs on the way down reads like a who's who of the best artists of the last decade, including REM, Razorlight and the Libertines.

The Borderline is one of Spoonfed's Best Indie Venues in London.

A little bit of history: 

Why The Borderline is where it is seems to fit right into the area’s history going back to the development of Soho in the late 1580s. The area’s character has always been that of frivolity and creativity. Kings Square (now Soho Square) was as regal as its name suggests, with houses for the gentry of the age providing accommodation for dignitaries, captains of industry and nobility.

Where it is: 
Orange Yard, Off Manette Street, London, W1D4JB.  Manette Street is off Charing Cross Road, just south of Tottenham Court Road tube station. Foyle’s bookshop is on the corner.

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