Monday, 25 June 2012

Moving to London for your job? Choose our corporate luxury apartments

Want more space for less money when you first start out in your new job here in London?

Our Boutique London Lets corporate package offers you two bedroom (and sometimes two bathroom) luxury apartments for less than the cost of a hotel suite in the same part of town, making it a no-brainer.

You'll also be close to work with apartments in the Docklands (for Canary Wharf), Southwark and Waterloo (for London Bridge and the City) and Westminster and Victoria (for the West End). So this way you can get to know the city by walking to work instead of relying on taxis from hotels and concierge services – the city is yours for the taking!

With a Boutique London Lets apartment it will feel more like a home away from home. And you'll settle into more of a routine – the apartments are serviced so you won't be stuck indoors doing chores all the time. But you will have your own kitchen to prepare meals when you don't feel like eating out. 
Book now online for our amazing deals for 2012 starters. Welcome to London!

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