Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spotlight on Waterloo apartments

 Did you know we have eleven apartments and one penthouse apartment in Waterloo? We think this location just south of the river is so fantastic that we wanted more of our Boutique London Lets guests to be able to stay here.

All our standard apartments in our building in Waterloo come with the luxury of two double bedrooms and two bathrooms so it's basically like you and your family are staying in a hotel, with a few added home luxuries like a kitchen and living and dining area. Plus there's the potential to sleep 6 guests from just £156 a night.

And if that's not enough glamour and luxury, just wait till you see the Penthouse! From £180 a night you get two double bedrooms with Queen beds and three bathrooms (two are en suite). And you could happily squeeze eight people in here, which isn't much over £20 a head. The 2000 sq ft Penthouse spans a whole floor and has two balconies for iconic views of the London Eye and surrounding Waterloo area.

Phew, better get booking before we beat you to it...

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