Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Meet the Team - meet Kylie

Kylie, our bookings rep
Next up in the Boutique London Lets team is Kylie who answers your guest queries online and takes bookings for our apartments. 

How long have you worked for BLL and what's a typical day like for you?
Since June 2010 and - very busy! 

If you could rent anything for a week what would it be?
I would book out an entire day-spa and invite my girlfriends along for some much needed pampering.

What kind of tourist are you?
I'm extremely organised and usually early for all my flights. I do normally leave at least one item behind at my hotel at the end of my stay, though. 

What would your perfect London day include? 
I'd get some shopping done on Oxford Street then have a few afternoon cocktails with my friends, maybe at a table on the cobbles in Covent Garden or down a side street near Seven Dials. It wouldn't be complete without a light-hearted musical to top it off in the evening, something like Hairspray or Legally Blonde.

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