Thursday, 31 March 2011

Talks in London - put your thinking caps on

The latest trend to hit London is thinking. Thinking in cafes and bars, to be more precise. 
Ok, Oscar Wilde was holding forth at the Cafe Royale a while back but that cafe is sadly no longer with us. The spirit lives on in monthly events, pop up debates and ideas festivals - and this is no elitist club. Anyone can join in and beginners are welcomed with open arms.

"Live word building" at a Future Human event

At the monthly "ideas salon" Future Human, held at The Book Club in East London's trendy Shoreditch area, the organisers pick a new theme each time. On April 13th they are talking about politics and nations within nations but they have looked at new instruments and amateur film-making in the past so expect a surprise. Be warned, Future Human often sells out - they can only hold 150 people.

Coming up in April, there is also the technology and business magazine Wired's first live event, The Wired UPGRADE in association with Courvoisier - on failing to succeed, of all things. The editor will talk to high profile entrepreneur and business leader "failures" after drinks at The Future Gallery on Great Newport Street (20th April). The initial entry is limited but there's no doubt they'll expand in the next few months.

What great London debates would you like to get involved in? Politics? Art? Science?

If you're still carrying on the argument when you get home, our serviced apartments allow plenty of space to make some noise. All opinions welcome.

Photo: STML, Flickr

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