Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Interesting facts about the Olympic Games in 2012

Did you know....?

  • London 2012 is helping transform one of the most deprived parts of Europe with 75p in every £1 spent on the development of the Olympic Park going towards the regeneration of East London.
  • The Olympic Park is literally setting down roots with the planting of 4,000 trees. The area is destined to become the largest urban park in Europe and a blueprint for sustainable living.
  • 7.7 million Olympic Games tickets will be available for London 2012.
  • 205 Nations will be competing at the London 2012 Games.
  • 90% of material that will be reclaimed from demolition within the Olympic park can be reused or recycled.
  • 800,000 people are expected to use public transport to travel to the Games on the busiest day. This is more than the entire population of Leeds.
  • There are 9.6million tickets for sale - 8million for the Olympics and 1.6million for the Paralympics.
  • The Olympic village will be converted into 3,600 apartments, most of them will be affordable housing.
  • 17,000 athletes will compete.
  • 26 Olympic sports will be played/

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