Saturday, 22 January 2011

Interesting facts about London

Did you know this about London? - Here are a few facts that might make your stay in London and at Boutique London Lets even more interesting.

  • The well known Marble Arch was originally built as the entrance to Buckingham Palace, but was never used. There is actually a tiny police station inside it that is no longer in use nowadays. 
  • The Houses of Parliament also known as the Palace of Westminster, has over 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases and 5 km of corridors.
  • It takes 61 seconds to open Tower Bridge, which opens 1,000 times a year. 
  • If London was a country, it would be the 8th biggest in Europe
  • There are more languages spoken in London than in any other city in the world. 
  • The London Eye has 32 pods and each of them represents one of the London boroughs 
  • There are no roads in the city square mile, only streets, places, gardens and courts

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