Sunday, 31 October 2010

Did you know there is a difference between Tower Bridge and London Bridge? Stay at Boutique London Lets and discover the difference!

When staying at Boutique London Lets in London, am I close to Tower Bridge or London Bridge?

Well, both are very close by, but did you actually know that there is a difference?

There is Tower Bridge and there is London Bridge. Many people get confused between the two, like Robert P. McCulloch, who as the story goes, purchased the original London Bridge (it was replaced by a stronger structure) in the 1960s thinking he'd bought Tower Bridge. The structure was transported to the US where it was reconstructed in Lake Havasu, a city in Arizona. There is no knowing what Robert thought when the builders finished putting it in place..."This isn't the bridge I bought....this is just a bridge."

London Bridge is just a regular bridge, Tower Bridge is definitely more spectacular. It opened in 1894, has a total length of 244 metres, and is crossed by more than 40,000 people a day. The walkways at the very top are just over 40 metres above the water.

There is an amazing story linked to Tower Bridge. In 1952, gatemen operated the access to the bridge. Human error caused a double-decker bus to be on it as it was beginning to open. The driver, realising he wouldn't be able to brake in time to stop the bus going front first into the Thames, whacked his foot down on the accelerator and hurtled over the growing gap in an act that wouldn't have looked out of place in a Bond movie. The bus amazingly landed safely on the other side and the passengers suffered no more than a racing heart.

When staying at one of our amazing apartments you will be close to all tourist attractions, however for a great day out, in addition to visiting Tower Bridge, also Tower of London, the Design Museum and the London Dungeon.

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