Thursday, 26 July 2012

The cheeky side of London 2012

We all know the Olympic Games are all about having fun, watching some amazing athletes and supporting your country. But over the past few weeks some Londoners have taken it upon themselves to have a cheeky joke at London 2012's expense. Everyone's entitled to their opinion..

1. Plenty of designers have made alternative Olympics posters, we love the women's boxing one featuring Her Majesty by Janelle Dagres – 2012 is the first time women's boxing has made it into the Games. See more posters at KathyKaven's AnotherDesignBlog.

2. YouTube video (trouble) maker Cassette Boy has stitched together clips of London Mayor Boris Johnson's history TV programmes to make an embarrassing summary of the Games as a big mess full of too much advertising. It's very cleverly done but perhaps a bit too pessimistic we feel. Watch the full video on YouTube here.

3. Speaking of branding, lots of people have taken to making ads or posters that directly contravene Lord Coe's protection of the big sponsors right to be seen around the Olympic Park – sponsors like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Samsung. Some of them are so silly it'd be a shame to take them down!

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